Gravity Defyer Shoes

The creation of the first Gravity Defyer shoe was the culmination of years of scientific research and one man’s relentless passion to solve his nephew’s debilitating health problem.

It began when Alexander Elnekaveh’s 14 year-old nephew was diagnosed with a cancerous growth in his heel. Even after successful heel replacement surgery, the youngster was given little chance of ever walking free from pain. As an inventor, mechanical engineer and former army medic, Alexander was determined to find hope for his young nephew that would allow him to live an active life without being held back by debilitating pain.

He put years into solving his nephew’s problem: researching new medications, treatments and prosthetics. It was on a flight home from another failed meeting with pain management specialists that the idea for Gravity Defyer shoes was born. As Alexander felt the wheels of the 747 touch the ground, he thought to himself “If a massive aircraft can land smoothly, absorbing over 100 tons on impact without so much as spilling his coffee, why couldn’t a shoe do the same thing?”

Alexander assembled an all-star team of renowned mechanical engineers, podiatrists, industrial designers and applied materials engineers to form the Impact Research Technology Group. The results of which became the VersoShock sole and an ever expanding line of Gravity Defyer footwear designed to bring the same powerful shock absorbing technology to every lifestyle and occasion.