Arthritis Testimonials

The Jigglin' George made my arthritic knee feel better.

- JH (Beaver, OK)

I have arthritis dealing with stiffness and pain. The Jigglin' George has helped tremendously. I love it!!!

- TT (Crystal Springs, MS)

I have Fibromyalgia and Arthritis in my right hip. After I use the Jigglin' George the pain is gone.

- FF (Coweta, OK)

John: I really want to thank you for this machine--it has been so helpful to me with problems associated with Arthritis. For more than ten years, Doctors have recommended that I have both knees replaced. I have resisted this measure because I have had way too much surgery in my lifetime and do not want to undergo more surgery removing body parts that God gave me.

While I do not believe that the JG has "cured" my osteoarthritis, I do believe it has given me a way to get motion to my ligaments and muscles that is non-weight bearing. It is helping me tone those muscles, relieve tension, and reduce body aches (especially in the lower back)--it is a way of helping me help myself and I am so very grateful for this assistance. In truth, I believe there is not very much wrong with my body that losing 30-40 pounds of happy living could not cure -- especially around the waistline and tummy area -- a problem spot for many women my age. I am 60 years young and living an enormously blessed and happy life. I am told that I look much younger than my calendar age for which I am flattered and grateful -- the crippling effects of arthritis were making me mad, frustrated, and less of a person than I intend and need to be. Thank you for helping me get on my feet and stay on my feet.

I was told somewhere that 15 minutes in the JG is equivalent to 3 hours of walking -- is this accurate in your experience? Again -- I sincerely thank you and those who created this life-improving piece of equipment...

May God bless you over and over ... Gratefully ...

- Marcia Beth  (Arkansas)

The Jigglin' George makes me feel better immediately.

- RL (Conway, SC)

The Jigglin' George helps with my body aches and pains.

- AB (Subiaco, AR)