Fibromyalgia Testimonials

I am so happy that I stopped in during my trip to Branson. I'm sure you don't remember everyone, but I bought the Jigglin' George machine and it is the best investment I have ever made. I am the nurse that has fibromyalgia from Wisconsin. It has made such a difference in my condition. I haven't been this well for at least 4 years. It is just amazing.

- KW (Madison, WI)

On 21 March 2004, I stopped in your shop, and at that time I was in severe pain with my back and hips. You asked me if I was in pain-I answered yes. You asked me if I would like relief from the pain. Again, I said yes. Then you offered to give me a 10 minute demonstration. When I accepted this offer you explained the Jigglin' George to me, and gave me a 10 minute demonstration. After which I was able to walk the length of the store and back again without pain. You suggested that I wait about 20 minutes and get another demonstration, which I did. When I finished I could walk without pain. We left the shop and visited in and around Branson, walking quite a bit. (Prior to this I could not walk 10 feet without extreme pain) Late that afternoon we came back to your shop, and I walked in without my walking cane, and in no pain. You then gave me and wife, who's back was killing her, a 10 minute treatment. After the treatment her back pain was gone, and I also had no pain. At this point we purchased the machine and brought it back to Texas with us. Since then I've been walking all over the place without pain. I also gave a couple of friends treatments on this machine, and the results were fantastic. In fact, one of these friends ordered him a machine yesterday. Thank you so much for noticing that I was in pain, and offering to relieve the pain.

- DCB (Texas)

My husband and I were in Gatlinburg for a long weekend in late August. My husband came into your store. The Jigglin' George was demonstrated to us. I have a bulging disc in my back. I have been through physical therapy as well as Lumbar Epidural Steroid Injection, to date nothing seemed to help! When I walked into your store I had no feeling in my left foot. We left and very shortly I did have feeling and my back was not hurting. My husband ordered “The George” on Monday. I use it every day I am not back to walking, treadmill, and I have even started weight training. There was also soreness there and it is gone. I feel like I am a new person - Thanks for the “Jigglin' George”.

- KW

I bought jigglin george last fall and have used it faithfully every day. I even take it on trips with me. I have had fibromyalgia for 20 years...retired early from teaching school because of the pain. I am so amazed at the things I do now because of "George" (that's what my family calls "him"). For the past 20 years, if I went clothes shopping I would usually leave without anything because I would be hurting so bad just looking through the racks...I was never motivated to do yardwork, cleaning closets,or anything strenuous because I new how bad I would hurt and would probably not be able to finish the job and thus a greater mess!! The last year of my life has been wonderful!! I no longer take muscle relaxers or pain medicine and have done so many things I have always wanted to do! I sponsored a group of girls at church camp in Colorado and EVERYTHING was uphill, I took "George" with me and I did not a bit of trouble!! I even gave demonstrations to a group of adults from all over the country and they were very impressed and took the information...may be buying them one!

I thank God everyday that my daughters noticed your store and took me in to see what it was all about!! I got my sheep skin cover last week and it is wonderful!! Jigglin George....can't do without "him"!!

- Kathleen