Lower Back Pain Testimonials

Thank you very much for giving me the opportunity to own the Jigglin' George. This machine has been like a miracle for me. With this machine I am a totally different person. Who says life can't go on after 4 back surgeries and 2 knee replacements? I have had 4 back surgeries and both knees replaced and this is the only thing that has even come close to giving me pain relief including morphine I am taking.

- VB (Lancaster, MO)

Amazing machine! It has reduced my back pain significantly after only 3 days.

- LS (Seneca, MO)

Back alignment and neck pain relief. Jigglin' George has done wonders after extensive therapy to relieve achiness, tingling, and numbness in left arm.

-SR (McPherson, KS)

It gives me good relief in my hips, so I was able to cancel my surgery date. I also like the relief I get in my back.

-K&D P (Westminster, SC)

Dear JigglinGeorge and family,

I just wanted to let you know what a blessing this little machine has been to our family. I purchased the JG online after visiting with John in Pigeon Forge. My main purpose in the purchase was to see if it would help my 84 year old father with his circulation in his legs.

My dad had heart surgery in his early 70's and over the last year has lost alot of mobility because of numbness in his feet, mainly because of the lack of circulation. At first I put the machine on his bed but that didn't work very well, as the bed was not hard enough. Then we tried the couch, which was a little better but again not great. I owned a professional massage table which I had loaned a good friend and I brought that back home and placed it in my sunroom. Now JG has a proper place to stay and dad can get on and off of the table with ease. NOW the GOOD NEWS! Dad's swelling and circulation as 70% better. He and my mother drive out each day to deliver my mail and while there he uses George for 30 minutes on level 5. The swelling has gone down and he can now feel his feet. I can tell he feels better just because he is now able to have some exercise in his life.

It was a long shot for me to buy this but, we aren't done with the story yet! I have a left shoulder which I could not lift my arm above my head at all without being in severe pain. I also was suffering from lower back pain. Now after using JG over the last two months my arm and shoulder have improved 90% and I'm almost without pain! Yes Praise the Lord! I am not sure how this would effect my shoulder but it has.

So THANK YOU MR. GEORGE!!!!! for making this wonderful little machine. It has given my dad back some of his life and it has given me back an almost pain free arm. Thank you and God Bless.

Thank you,

Heather Heisner

On 21 March 2004, I stopped in your shop, and at that time I was in severe pain with my back and hips. You asked me if I was in pain--I answered yes. You asked me if I would like relief from the pain. Again, I said yes. Then you offered to give me a 10 minute demonstration. When I acceped this offer you explained the Jigglin' George to me, and gave me a 10 minutes demonstration.

After which I was able to walk the length of the store and back without any pain. You suggested that I wait 20 minutes and get another demonstration, which I did. When I finished I could walk without pain. We left the shop and visited in and around Branson, walking quite a bit. (prior to this I could not walk 10 feet without extreme pain). Late that afternoon we came back to your shop, and I walked in without my walking cane, and in no pain. You then gave me and my wife, who's back was killing her, a 10 minute treatment. After the treatment her back pain was gone, and I also had no pain.

At this point we purchased the machine and brought it back to Texas with us. Since then I've been walking all over the place without pain. I also gave a couple of friends treatments on this machine, and the results were fantastic. In fact, one of these friends ordered him a machine yesterday. Thank you so much for noticing that I was in pain, and offering to relieve the pain.

- SCB (Texas)

The Jigglin' George is very relaxing. My husband suffers from back pain and the JIgglin' George has helped considerably.

- DL (Dahlonega, GA)

I felt relief of my pack pain after just one use of the Jigglin' George.

- JA (Elgin, IL)

I felt relief from my lower back pain, but mostly the Jigglin' George stopped the burning sensation in my shoulder.

- JA (Powell, MO)

The Jigglin' George relieves my stress and lower back pain and it helps me sleep much better.

- GC (Travel Rest, SC)

My back stopped hurting and now has some feeling in my toes (I had no feeling before) after using the Jigglin' George.

- SO (Mustang, OK)

The Jigglin' George helps all my aches and pains. I have had 3 back surgeries.

- MG (Stonewall, MS)

I was on pain pills and shots in my back, and walked humped over (before using the Jigglin' George New Life Exerciser) now I walk straight.

- AH (Salem, IN)

My back had much less pain after one time on the Jigglin' George New Life Exerciser and as much again a 2nd time.

- WA (Diamondhead, MS)